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Manufacturing, reshaped

Our Mission:

To help build a future of versatile, intelligent and responsible manufacturing; solving the world’s next big challenges.

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About Form Forge

Form Forge was founded by a team of engineers to compete in NASA’s Centennial Challenge for the 3D Printing of Habitats on Mars. After success in Phase 1 of the competition Form Forge expanded to additive and hybrid manufacturing tool development for 5+ axis systems as well as providing consulting services as additive manufacturing specialists.

Form Forge currently provides consulting and design services for additive manufacturing including tool design, industrial automation, design for additive manufacturing, toolpathing and materials science.


The Team


Nathan Fuller | Mechanical Engineer | CEO

While finishing his undergrad in mechanical engineering, Nathan started Form Forge as a chance to create, and help others create, cutting edge technology at the intersection of manufacturing and robotics. His hands on experience gives him a unique ability to straddle the business and technical worlds, often going from CAD model to business presentation to the lab floor in a single day. 


Max Tag | Process Engineer

Max is an avid adventurer and creator, and doing research and development in the additive manufacturing and industrial automation realms allow for the integration of both of these passions. He studied mechanical engineering and art at Oregon State University, and acts as a process and design engineer for Form Forge. He is also passionate about design for sustainability automation as an environmental conservation tool.


Morgan Pengelly | Automation Engineer

Morgan’s key areas of focus are industrial automation and machine tooling design. While completing his mechanical engineering degree with a focus in robotics, he also spent time in the semiconductor industry working on automated manufacturing systems. Morgan’s strong manufacturing background is critical to helping Form Forge deliver ground breaking tools quickly and cost effectively to its customers.


Andy Baldwin | Software Engineer

A math and physics grad, Andy is passionate about creative solutions to difficult problems. As a self-taught programmer, Andy develops the full Form Forge software stack, including tools for tool path generation, simulation, and machine learning. His areas of experience include modeling and simulation, artificial neural networks, computational geometry, and embedded control systems.