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ReShape Workcell


The ReShape Workcell is the flagship offering of Form Forge, providing unparalleled capability at an industry leading value. Combining the power of the RDE-1 extrusion system, the flexibility of industrial 6-axis robotics, and the intelligence of the Form Forge toolpathing software suite, the ReShape Workcell is the most advanced large format additive manufacturing tool on the market. From concrete and composite mold making to the production of custom furniture and functional components, the ReShape Workcell is enabling customers across many industries to push the limits of modern manufacturing.



The Rapid Deposition Extruder, the RDE-1, is the primary additive tool head offered by Form Forge. Developed for use in both production and R&D environments, the RDE-1 can produce parts of industrial size and strength from a range of thermoplastics and additives.

With an easy to use control system, reliable material processing, and compact design, the RDE-1 is the perfect tool for customers looking to fully take advantage of large scale additive manufacturing.


Robotic Motion Platform

Form Forge has partnered with KUKA Robotics to provide a reliable motion platform that promises to stay on the cutting edge of industrial robotics.

The ReShape Workcell is built around the KR 90 R3100 extra HA (High Accuracy) robotic arm due to its unrivaled precision and the versatility provided by its 90kg payload, 3095mm reach and modern KR C4 controller. The KR 90’s unique combination of speed, precision, and flexibility makes it the ideal platform for not only the RDE-1, but also the development and integration of custom tooling as customers look to expand the capabilities of their workcell.

KR Quantec Extra.jpg

Toolpathing Software Suite

The Form Forge toolpathing suite provides a range of functionality from simple slice-and-print workflows, typical of standard 3D printing, to more advanced path planning that leverages the full capabilities of the 6 axis motion platform.

For R&D purposes the Form Forge suite also allows for the importing and conversion of instruction files generated in external software. While only recommended for use by experienced robotic arm users, this feature allows for cutting edge R&D and custom toolpath generation while ensuring that the safety features remain in place to prevent robot malfunction or tool damage.