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Research Partnerships

Form Forge is always looking for partners to develop new, and advance existing, manufacturing technology; our areas of focus in partnered work are outlined below. 

If you are interested in a potential partnership or simply learning more about our various areas of expertise, please contact us via the button at the bottom of the page.


Tool Development

Form Forge specializes in additive manufacturing, but our workcell (having been fully integrated with automatic tool change) is no longer bound by many of the traditional restrictions of 3D printing. Our robot can print, set down the printer, pick up a spindle and mill the printed part for a smooth finish. This same tool change system can allow the workcell to embed electronics, 3D scan, perform continuous fiber layup, and much more: an infinite combination of manufacturing actions, only limited the tools that are available for the robot to pick up and utilize. 

We are always open to partnerships to develop or implement a tool on our hybrid system. We can help create your tool individually, or combine your tool with our existing additive and subtractive manufacturing system. 



With large-scale robotic motion platforms becoming more common outside automotive manufacturing, we have made our expertise available in providing installation services on six-axis robotic arm work cells.

If you are creating a workcell for additive manufacturing or hybrid manufacturing, our tools and technical services may also be available for temporary or long-term use. All installations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Material Testing

From ABS to Ultem, our 3D printer can process all thermoplastics, with or without fiber reinforcement. In addition to fiber reinforced plastics, we test more unusual composites as well (information on the waterless concrete analog designed for a NASA competition can be found here).

Whatever thermoplastic, composite or proprietary material you are interested in testing with a large-format 3D printer, our processing equipment and software are up to the challenge.


Get Your Design Printed

With our automotive scale 3D printer we would be happy to print your biggest ideas!

We can create plastic prints made from various types of plastic, including 100% recycled ABS. The ridged, 3D printed aesthetic is standard, but a smooth surface finish can also be provided depending on part geometry. Fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics are also available if a high strength part is required. 

Cost, development time, and type of plastic is dealt with on a case by case basis so please contact us via the form to the right if you are curious about getting your idea 3D printed.

 An Artist's Concept Came to Life in this Spiral Table Base

An Artist's Concept Came to Life in this Spiral Table Base

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